Flat Wood

The best birch dieboards from the best mills in the world

Over the years, only a few mills in the world have focused on making quality flat birch dieboard for the American market. We have worked with all of them and now source the best of these mills to bring you the highest quality and value in Birch dieboards. When you buy from Marco, it’s not just plywood, it’s a Dieboard. 

The coatings you need for the performance you demand

Many of our Birch Dieboard sizes are in stock and available with a clear urethane finish that provides a slick, durable surface that takes your stripping parts and cutting dies to the next level. If you need something out of the ordinary, we can make it for you with low minimums and quick turnaround.

Flat Maple Dieboards, Traditionally tough and always made in the U.S.A.

From the heart of Maple country in central Wisconsin, our Maple dieboards are manufactured in a state of the art Mill that controls every aspect of quality from the raw trees to the finished crate. With all Maple construction, Marco premium flat Maple Dieboards bring you old school strength and quality with all of the best modern production quality and control.

Specialty & Composite Flat Dieboards

When you need a little more from your flat dieboards we have you covered. Combining the strength of birch and maple veneers with superior composite materials, our line of specialty flat dieboards brings more strength & stability to whatever your die making needs may be.