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Corrugated box design and the precision of the final product grow more and more challenging every day. Bohler rotary rules are produced using state of the art, high precision manufacturing and the highest quality steel to help you meet that challenge.

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Center bevel standard cutting rules

-provide uniform edge appearance

-ideal for automated diemaking equipment

Bohler USC 10

Bohlerstrip USC 10 is one of the most versatile rotary cutting rules in this industry. USC 10 is a true center bevel rule that is recommended for cutting a wide range of corrugated materials. This profile also provides superior bending properties and reduced anvil wear.

Bohler STC 12

Bohlerstrip STC 12 is a standard center bevel cutting rule. This rule provides an enhanced finished product edge appearance for both light-weight singlewall and micro-flute corrugated board. Additionally, this profile is recommended for cutting a variety of foam materials.


Bohler SWC 8

Bohlerstrip SWC 8 is engineered to cut heavy-weight double and triple wall corrugated board with minimal pressure. As with all the SWC rules, this material is also recommended for lead and trail edges to reduce the cutting pressure.


Bohler SWC 10

Bohlerstrip SWC 10 performs superbly, in both directions, on 32ECT and above singlewall corrugated board. SWC 10 can also be used on longer lead and trail edges to reduce cutting pressure and deflection. To see the benefit of the reduced gullet and anvil wear it is recommended to increase the creasing rule height.


Bohler US 8

Bohlerstrip US 8 is a center bevel rule that designed to combine the benefits of a side bevel rule with the convenience of a center bevel. This unique profile provides reduced edge crush along with improved stripping. To increase stripping it is recommended that the serrated edge goes toward the scrap (to crush it) to help removal. Although this rule has different finishes on each side the tip is still precisely in the center. This is very important to obtain dimensional accuracy when cutting multiple out designs.


Center bevel special cutting rules

-combines features of side bevel and center bevel

-the non-ground side improves scrap ejection


Bohler ST 5

Bohlerstrip ST 5 is designed to accurately cut honeycomb and foam. The precision ground teeth allow for easy penetration through these and other thick materials. Other uses for ST 5 include nicking and removable windows in corrugated containers.


Bohler USC 8

Bohlerstrip USC 8 is an aggressive profile the permits minimal cutting pressure on thicker materials. The barbed tips and sharp gullets ensure easy penetration and shearing of the toughest materials.


Bohler STC 8

Bohlerstrip STC 8 has very sharp "V" shaped teeth that permit easy penetration through the toughest of corrugated materials. This provides easy and clean cutting on al double and triple wall board weights. Made from standard rotary tempered rule, this rule has good bend ability to match designs.


Bohler US 10

Bohlerstrip US 10 has a shaved execution on one side whereas the opposing side is ground. This smooth side supports reduced edge crush on the finished product. The edge tip is still precisely in the center which is very important to sustain dimensional accuracy when cutting multiple out designs.


Bohler CF/CC 14

Bohlerstrip CF/CC 14 provides a shallow gullet along with an extremely sharp cutting edge. This combination achieves great cutting performance for fiberous materials, plastics, and microfluted corrugated boards. While this rule works to cut multiple materials it is recommended to cut against uniform and level anvils. This is also a good option for soft anvil roller diecutters.


Bohler Shallow Profile

Bohlerstrip Shallow Profile 14 has a unique gullet profile that requires minimal penetration on various substrates. While this rule cuts many materials with little impression, a uniform and leveled anvil is strongly recommended. This is also a good option for a soft anvil roller diecutters and higher durometer soft anvils.


Bohler ST 20

Bohlerstrip ST 20 is designed for cutting microflute corrugated board. It has also achieved and excellent reputation in the automotive industry. This rule is the perfect selection when a clean product edge is required. A uniform and leveled anvil is required when using this material.


Bohler ProCut

Specifically for fruit and vegetable boxes made of corrugated board, the market requires improved box stability and yet better, more-enhanced printing graphics. To support this trend, Bohlerstrip has recently developed a new generation rotary cutting rule to address many of these challenges pertaining to the die cutting of new-age corrugated boards - The ProCut


Side bevel standard serrated cutting rule

-used for technologies with retention of the scrap in the cutting die

-additional room for ejection materials in small areas


Bohler SFST 12

Bohlerstrip SFST 12 is the original profile for rotary diecutting. This profile was the standard cutting rule when rotary diecutting began. Today SFST 12 is recommended for cutting light-weight singlewall and microflute corrugated paper as well as many types of foam.


Side bevel special serrated cutting rule

SFS – Special unique design of SF bevel

Bohler SFSUS 24

This new rule has a unique side bevel tooth shape with micro points (24TPI) that penetrates the surface of Foam-X board, It allows for easy parting from low loads without damaging the delicate foam structure. The old composite boards used for presentation/POS displays were produced with a Polystrene foam core, being resilient and exhibiting some spring-back recovery. Today, boards are manufactured from polyurethane foam which has little spring-back recovery and crushes easily under loading from the press cutting operation. Foam Composite Rule has an extra sharp cutting edge and a unique tooth shape that provides unrivaled performance results on Foam-X, it outperforms conventional beveled rule offering improved cosmetic finish to the cut foam composite board.


Special Rules

Bohler Non-Serrated Perforating Rules

Bohlerstrip non-serrated perforation rules are center beveled without teeth and available in a wide range of tooth/gap combinations. For soft anvil diecutting standard perforating rule is recommended for tooth size under 6mm (1/4"). This will give a more stable and consistent rule.

Bohler Serrated Perforating Rules

Bohlerstrip serrated perforating rules have a standard profile of STC 12 teeth per inch. Serrated perforation is recommended for soft anvil diecutting and when the tooth is 6mm (1/4") or larger. This will help reduce crushing and flaking of the finished product.

Bohler Cut-Crease Rule

Cut-Crease rule is a shallow gullet that only perforates and creases the inner liner. Cut-Crease allows for an accurate fold line when folding with the corrugated flutes.

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