Rotary Wood

The Best Rotary Dieboards You Can Buy

45 years of experience in manufacturing rotary dieboards has culminated in the best Marco board ever. Our Rotary Dieboards set the benchmark with all Hardwood Maple veneer construction and more Rock Hard Maple than any comparable board. This results in superior strength, dimensional uniformity and a strong, smooth, dust free finish.  Our all Maple construction gives you unmatched strength in the bridges, lead edge durability and better rule holding strength that can hold up to multiple re-knifes.

American Made with American Pride

All rotary dieboards from Marco are 100% made in the U.S.A. From the forest to the final product, our manufacturing partner in Michigan keeps our internal supply chain strong by sourcing all raw materials exclusively from American companies. FSC certified suppliers also help ensure that our domestic forest resources are responsibly managed and sustainable.

Multiple Inspections Ensure The Best Quality

In the course of the manufacturing process, our boards are inspected multiple times to ensure that the process is in check. In our Mount Washington facility, every single board is once again inspected for I.D, thickness, soundness and dimension. From here they packed and readied for shipment. Before heading out on customer orders, many boards are often inspected one last time to ensure quality.

When you need a little more, get the MAX

With a minimal external circumference of 32.375” (½” thick 66” Ward) our C-MAX rotary dieboards gives today’s diemakers the extra room they need to effectively cut their own lead and trail edges without compromising their layout. At no extra charge, you can request Cmax and give yourself the room you need to make the die you want. (5/8” thick Ward 66”, 32.625”minimum)

Premium Plus, as good as it gets

Our Premium boards are already the toughest in the industry, but when you need an even stronger board, we have what you need. With 100% Rock Hard Maple construction, our Premium Plus boards can stand up to the worst you can throw at them.

The largest standing inventory in North America

With over 7 thicknesses and over 100 specific Internal Diameters available, chances are that if you need it, we already have it. If you are able to stump us with a rotary request, we can make what you need with a fast turnaround and low minimum quantities.