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The Shelf Ready Packaging Rule


  • SPEEDI~TEAR, Maintains box strength while creating the cleanest finish for Rip Off Strips and Knockout Panels on self shipper display cases, performance packaging and shelf/retail ready boxes.
  • Provides a unique balance of both accurate and clean tear lines on rapid and easy to remove panel sections, while maintaining box strength.
  • SPEEDI~TEAR has applied scientific principles to each rule design to provide individual tooth and gap profiles to suit all corrugated flutes. These profiles are readily available for application with 2pt/3pt rules for flatbed die-cutting and 4pt rules for rotary conversion. 6pt rules are manufactured to order.


  • Speedi-Flare, A sophisticated combination of both Folding and Tearing from a single perforated line resulting in a clean cosmetic finish.
  • Speedi-Flare utilizes the unique characteristics of both Speedi-Folds and Speedi-Tear in one single product. This provides a complete perforation selection to cover all box designs.
  • Speed-Flare has been designed with HYBRID perforations, which can be altered in small but effective increments allowing for slight adjustments in either FOLD strength or ease of TEAR.
  • Standard Speedi-Flare systems are readily available as alternatives to the currently used perforating rules, likes 1/8" x 1/8" (3mm x 3mm), 1/4" x 1/4" (6mm x 6mm), etc. These standard perforating rules can be replaced with a standard Speedi-Flare by ordering as follows:
    E.g.: Previous perf 3pt 0.937" High Flatbed Rule 1/8" x 1/8" (3mm x 3mm)
    Use 3pt 0.937" Speedi-Flare "3"


  • Speedi-Folds, Takes control of Tough Folds in production and maintains dimensional accuracy when the finished product is erected.
  • Speedi-Folds works by reducing the destructive effect of strong and difficult to fold box flaps. This provides a greater balance in strength through a unique, symbiotic relationship between the folding line and the corrugated flute.
  • Speedi-Folds allows the folding line to hinge 'bi-directionally' dramatically reducing the risk of board fatigue. Flap strength and integrity is maintained after several folding movements allowing contents to be inserted without damage to the box flaps.
  • Speedi-Folds replaces standard folding systems like creasing rules and cut/crease (cut/score) combination rule with innovative reverse pitch tooth and gap technology. This new and precision ground perforating geometry works by breaking down the specific flute style being used in box production, while strength is maintained due to the unique hinge effect it creates.


  • Speedi-Break, Next generation Bundle Breaker technology that features perforating geometry developed to offer a cost effective, high quality solution for multi out box production.
  • Creates a consistent edge finish to the corrugated board but essentially removes the need for over aggressive nicking, inconsistent nicking widths and the dangerous use of nick grinding equipment within the die room or machine area.
  • Improves stability during production by maintaining togetherness of the board while achieving fast, clean and effective separation in the bundle breaking process.
  • 2pt/3pt rules for flatbed die-cutting and 4pt rules for rotary conversion available.
  • Available in our unique 5TPI emulating progressive strength format. 4TPI and 6TPI version of our design are available on request. Speedi-Break should always be the same height as the cutting rule on all flatbed machine applications and approximately 1/32" (0.8mm) lower than the cutting rule height on all rotary rule die-cutting machine applications.

Rotary Application

Flatbed Application

Speedi Progressive Strength Scale